Why Flitepath was created

My name is Camilo Machado. I started Flitepath with one simple and focused vision: to empower onlinepreneurs and small business owners to live a more prosperous and rewarding life. How? By helping you take advantage of the today’s booming Internet economy to launch or grow your business with predictable results—and greater ease.

To deliver on this promise and actually improve your odds of achieving this, we’ll focus on becoming highly effective and profitable marketers. And in the process, we’ll also put systems and processes in place to help minimize or remove the key challenges I know can derail your journey.

As an accomplished advertising professional of 16-years, I can tell you that a solid marketing process can literally hand you the keys to the castle. And luckily, the Internet has completely leveled the playing field for everyone. In fact, I often say to people that we’re living in our generation’s version of The Gold Rush. I refer to it as The Digital Gold Rush. And my goal is to help as many committed and willing individuals cash in.